Thursday, 24 May 2012

Some simple and very easy Beauty tips for womens

A pure and natural way to get your look smarter, shining face; and your home look that will reflect your inner feelings and beauty.
                                                                                         Eye Care
(1) Mix castor Oil n Olive oil and apply it everyday before going to sleep.
(2)Dip your eyes in cold water after the bath for ten minutes.It protects your beautiful eyes
(3)put a piece of cucumber or tomato on your eyes,you will be relaxed.
(4)apply vitamin E oil around eyes to get rid off dark circles
(5)clean your eyes using rose water before going to bed will get glowing eyes and dirt free.

                                                                                              Glowing face
If you are going for a party immediately and want to have a glowing look, so, here is some tips for that, Grind Almonds along with the milk and olive oil into a semi-smooth paste. To the mixture, add ground. Orange peel applies on your face and leaves for around 15min. after that wah your faces with cold water and rubs your face with an ice cube. Pat dry your face to get a glowing look you can look very smart and glowing face.
(1)Everyday night before sleeping use g&h lotion or Vaseline n every day morning just half an Hour simple exercise will change your condition in a week! Then see the result.
(2)Apply raw carrot face pack by grinding carrots at home
(3)You can use equal amount of lemon juice sugar water almonds. Massage it for fifteen mints then apply green gram powder for 20 mints and wash it with warm water : Note that : don’t apply soap for 6 hours) surely u will get glowing skin
(4)Here is some different tips Take some Tulsi (besil) leaves, grind it and squeeze them to get the juice. Mix this Tulsi juice with lime juice and massage it on your face and neck for 10-15 mints. You will definitely get fair glowing skin in 10 days.
(5) Honey is the best for the glowing face Take honey and applies on your face for 10-15 mints and after that wash. It.
(6)Take lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetable in salad, it will effect for skin 

Skin - pimples and black spots
(1) Put toothpaste on your pimple before you go to bed, should help reduce swelling overnight
(2)wash the face twice a day in warm salty water
(3)Grind cabbage and apply on face like pack it'will resolve black spots
(4)Apply powder the dry rose leafs and mix with milk and applied to face 
(5)Apply unboiled (Fresh) Milk and apply a pinch of salt and wash it after 2 mints. Apply on eyes u will see the Difference its even good for removing blackheads.

             Body Care
(1) Use curd for your neck darkness. Apply it every day and wash after ten minutes. You feel a change and your neck will glow.
(2)Boil Neem Leafs and wash your face daily with that water and wait for 10-15 mints also you can mix with your bath water
(3)If you facing get itching problem on your body then you can use camphor mixed in coconut oil it's best
(4)Grate a tomato. Add 2-3-4 drops of lime juice. Apply and wash after 20 mints .Do this steps morning and evening for 15-20 days. Apply well on neck area also. You will see the good result
(5)Apply kadalaimavu for 10mins over the body and after that wash it.
                                                                                     (6)Sun burns: tomato + butter milk also the best for the body

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